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May 31, 2012DesignDevelopment

If you’re unfamiliar with Berger & Föhr, the launch of their new website is a good reason to explore their work. I’ve been a huge admirer of their studio for many years, and their work has appeared frequently on siteInspire and Creative Journal. The latest iteration of their site has instantly become one of my favourite studio websites, so I asked them to provide a little more background behind its design and build. — Daniel Howells

A key tenet of our design practice is to partner with likeminded experts. So, when it came time to design and develop a website to convey the capabilities and the potential of the studio, we sought the partnership of Emil Olsson. We have admired Emil’s work for a number of years. His attention to detail and minimalist leanings are akin to our own. Emil was enthusiastic about a collaboration and our alliance was born.

With this iteration of the Berger & Föhr website we set out to design an experience that could communicate the studio’s principles, approach and output - predominantly through aesthetics and interaction. While copywriting was carefully considered, it was deemed secondary to visual content, composition and responsiveness. Given the predominance of mobile, a responsive, accessible design was critical.

Large imagery is central to the intended affect and we are fortunate to have a close friend and ally in Boulder-based photographer, Jamie Kripke. Jamie’s photos lend a welcomed narrative to our work and studio space. Working with him is a joy both personally and professionally. Our portfolio is to a large degree a function of Jamie’s talent.

In Emil we found a like-minded modernist with a deep desire for less. He was as eager to bring objective criticism as he was emotive. Throughout our collaboration critique was delivered and received and we believe we have all grown from it. We hoped for such an experience. To find ourselves as pleased with the process as the collective product is a rarity in our field and it is something we’re proud of. We can only hope that the new B&F website provides similar enjoyment to those who encounter it.

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